Monday, December 17, 2007

MPR: In the Loop - The Year According To You

Last Thursday we attended the season finale of MPR: In the Loop.

The topic Year in Review from the website . . . "'Tis the season...for the Year in Review. You know the deal. News shows, newspapers and magazines highlight the big moments of the past year. For this episode, In The Loop turns the tradition on its head with an hour full of stories suggested by our network of listeners. It's the year in review you won't hear anywhere else. "

When we arrived we were greeted by friendly faces, snacks, and a cold beer from the sponsor Summit Brewing Company.

I can tell you with all sincerity if you're ever looking to score brownie points with me; give me a cold brew and a chicken wing when I show up. That'll work everytime.

We lounged in the waiting room snacking and talking until the studio doors opened to the public, I'd already walked in and lured Pav out for a meet and greet, we were treated to warm up music by house band The Smarts who opened with some Christmas tunes and then kept things festive with their own holiday songs.

Topic: The Year According to You.
The audience was varied and leaning towards a younger demographic than I anticipated; judging by the level of 20 something females filling up the front rows with smiley faces I suspect the youthful audience may have had something to so with host Jeff Horwich's boyish looks.

The show was a great blend of topical events, music, Q&A, and related information fueled by the Insight Network; a group which I was invited to join earlier this fall by Molly Bloom Asst. Producer, Public Insight Journalism.

Throughout the evening we spoke on the the difficulties of fitting in, the unexpected dangers of life, the media, and life experiences.

Yes, "we", I even took to the mic and waxed crazy about templated media sucking and a series of tubes we call The Internets being the future of media; all whilst name dropping The Daily Mole, MinnPost, and The UpTake.

You'll recognize me as "David from Saint Paul" on the podcast.

After the show we went to our favorite Saint Paul hang-out Fujiya and chilled with the cast afterparty over food and saki. We were famished an needed dinner so we didn't mingle much, but when host Jeff Horwich arrived he came over and chilled at our table and talked us up for a good half an hour or so.

This show should be a national radio show and with a little luck they just may get that chance. In The Loop finds a way to remain focused and fun without losing it's serious edge. The producers show a willingness to share their vision and shine the media lights in a way that would leave most major media feeling exposed.

I guess that's what having insight is all about.

And who doesn't want to be in the loop?

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

MPR is pretty great, it's sort of the southern version of the CBC, in my mind.

All in all it sounds like a great evening of rubbing elbows with some smart and entertaining folks. Now I'll have to listen to the podcast to see if you namechecked me.

justacoolcat said...

Barb - That's closer to the truth than you may realize. I know there's a good working relationship between the two and several people that work at one have worked at the other. The producer of In The Loop is from Toronto.

Jeremy P said...

And that photographer was awesome!

Actually, weird thing, they've been marketing it as a 'cheap, fun date' for the past month or so and I think it's picking up - the crowd gets younger and larger with each show (Been around since the 3rd pilot I think).

Hopefully now you're a regular, eh D?
And hey - I'll still get that bottle of Sake on NYE, sound good? You'll be there, I'll be ther,e let us drink!

JustRun said...

Well aren't you just the man about town. And here we thought you just watched birds all the time.

Splinkster said...

like I always say...Mr. Bill come clean and either change the name to Minneapolis/St. Paul Public radio or start doing more news and programs on the state as a whole, and why not broadcasts from duluth, rochester and western mn just like wpr does, they have their programs from both madison and milwaukee every day, and I'll still waiting for that fat 6 figure job that some of your radio announcers/hosts have
sorry JACC no offense to you

chelene said...

Is there anything you can't do?

GirlGoyle said...

...and they give you wings and beer...what else do you want?!

justacoolcat said...

Pav - I'd say the 'cheap, fun date' marketing is a pretty good idea. I know it'll get me back again.

JR - In my defense; I didn't know there whether or not bird watching would be a topic.

Splink - "JACC no offense to you" Wow, that's a change.

Chel - Fly, and don't think it doesn't bother me.

GG - No kidding.

GC said...

MPR? I guess that would be your public radio huh?

My cuz told me I could get CBC in New York. It's not true. I was bummed. It sounded good when I visited her last year. We only have NPR in NY. It's okay.

justacoolcat said...

GC - I'm pretty sure you can get them most of the public radio stations online. That's what I do when I need a CBC fix.

Bubs said...

It's cool to see a public radio event that doesn't skew toward 40 and 50-somethings.

Sounds like a grand evening.

justacoolcat said...

Bubs - It was a great time and I agree it's about time public radio recognizes another demographic.