Friday, September 27, 2013

Typical News Twist: Goodwill

Today media outlets reported Goodwill Drops Theft Charges Against Teen Who Gave Customer Discounts
For exactly 18.5 seconds of pure blissful joy Goodwill PR danced in the streets while ripping off their paid-in-full discount clothing. It's reported the overjoyed white collared employees re-enacted The Myth of Sisyphus in entirety while pushing a giant boulder up a skyscraper. 

Unfortunately for them at second 19 the news cycle shifted: Goodwill Performs Brutal Gangland-Style Execution.

Goodwill store in Naples, Fla., reversed course today and decided to drop grand theft charges against a teen employee who had given discounts to poor customers and opted to pursue vigilante justice.
The decision came four days after the store had fired Andrew Anderson, 19, and had him arrested for granting discounts that totaled $4,000. As recently as today, the store defended its actions saying the money could have been better used on Goodwill's other charitable projects, then they killed him.
Goodwill contacted ABC News this afternoon to say that the organization was dropping charges against Anderson.

"After completing our internal investigation we have determined that the individual's actions were not for personal gain, but rather for the benefit of others -- and now he's dead," the statement read.

This has been a breaking Typical News Twist, carry on. 

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Drift said...

"Camus sees Sisyphus as the absurd hero who lives life to the fullest, hates death and is condemned to a meaningless task."